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ARC primarily uses only download  race tracks (available at the ACME MediaFire site) for their Formula-style car races.  We try to follow the F1 schedule, but we have some favorite tracks we prefer to run (ex: Rouen instead of Magny-Cour, Spa '03 instead of Spa '08, the old Hockenheim with the run out to the forest and back instead of the new, shorter one, Brianza GP which is Monza but looks better than the RACE 07 version and doesn't have the horrible cutting rule).  Some we include because they're just plain fun (like Salzburgring, A1 Ring, Montjuich, Mid-Ohio, Saint Petersburg, etc.)

All ARC members paint their cars using either Photoshop or GIMP to give their cars a custom, personal look and feel.  It gives club members a chance to flex their creative muscles!

ARC is always on the lookout for good, sportsman-like racers that are interested in a challenging, proffessional, yet gentlemanly polite style of racing fun.  ARC prefers to organize realistic-type races instead of the usual open-server sprint-type races.  Full damage, mechanical failure on, full flags, standing starts, plenty of Q time, and loooooong distances (many, many, many laps) so as to bring endurance and pit strategy into play (for both car and driver).

Of course, all ARC members are free to join other clubs like Race2Play, 100MBit, etc. and are encouraged to do so (to keep their skills sharp!).

If you are interested in racing the new Simbin RaceRoom Formula car or the GT cars from GTR:EVO and of course, the always fun Radical series cars,  on the RACE 07 game platform on some very interesting and fun, yet challenging circuits, drop us a line.  See you on the track!!